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Iowa Genealogy Research

As the early pioneers moved from the industrial areas of the east through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and crossed the mighty Mississippi River on Iowa's eastern border, many settled on the rich farmland of what is now Iowa. Some stayed in Iowa for the remainder of their lives while others moved on to the promised riches of the western lands.

Perhaps your ancestors were among those who made their home in Iowa for a little while or for a long while, as mine did. Even if they stayed in Iowa for only a short time, your ancestors may have left behind records which will provide a look into their lives.

If you need help finding those often elusive records, please contact me, I can help. Sometimes a single record will reveal information that has been hidden for years. A client had searched for many years for anything that would link two families. A letter held in a personal collection by the small local library held the proof. What a thrill!! I specialize in Iowa research, but are not limited to Iowa or the greater Midwest. Iowa's settlers immigrated to this rolling fertile land between the Mighty Mississippi and the Wide Missouri from nearly every country of the world.


Research Services Available

  • Full family trees as far back as possible
  • Marriage, Birth and Death Searches
  • Single document retrieval
  • Legal document interpretation
  • Examination of family lore theories and claims
  • Lost heir searches
  • Heir documentation for estate proceedings

Contact Us

Contact us at:
Donna L. Cooper
Iowa Genealogy Research

3663 Grand Avenue, Unit 607
Des Moines, Iowa 50312
Phone: 515-279-8125



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